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Tennessee Valley Healthcare System

Why Choose Tennessee Valley?

Photos of the Nashville and Murfreesboro campus that comprises the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System


The Tennessee Valley Healthcare System (TVHS) is an integrated Veterans Affairs health care system consisting of 2 medical centers, 350 acute care and geriatric beds, 7 primary care teams, various specialty clinics, and over 10 community-based outpatient clinics located throughout middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky.  TVHS provides ambulatory care, secondary care in acute medicine and surgery, specialized tertiary care, and a full range of extended care and mental health services.  It is an advanced training institution that will expose residents to provider order entry, electronic patient medical records, and barcode medication administration.

Pharmacy Services 

The pharmacy provides progressive clinical and distributive services with approximately 120 pharmacy staff members including over 20 clinical pharmacy specialists in a variety of practice settings and a number of clinical pharmacists dedicated to providing medication reconciliation services.   Clinical pharmacy specialists are assigned to areas such as primary care, acute medicine, cardiology, bone marrow transplant, psychiatry, oncology, geriatrics, nutritional support, anticoagulation management, long-term care, home-based primary care, palliative care, hepatitis C management, pharmacoeconomics, and clinical practice management.  Within these areas, many of the clinical pharmacy specialists have scopes of practice which include prescribing authority.  A majority of the residency preceptors are board certified by the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties and have been practicing for years in their particular area of expertise.

Academic Affiliations

The healthcare system has strong affiliations to the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and Meharry Medical College as well as several schools of pharmacy including the University of Tennessee, Samford University, Belmont University, Lipscomb University, and Union University.

Pharmacist Training at TVHS 

Nine PGY1 pharmacy residents, one Ambulatory Care PGY2 resident, one Psychiatry PGY2 resident, and over 60 students from several colleges of pharmacy are trained at TVHS each year. Residents will have clinical opportunities at both of the medical centers:  the Nashville Campus or the Alvin C. York Campus in Murfreesboro.  There is an additional rotation opportunity in both Chattanooga and Clarksville.  Throughout TVHS, the extensive range of medical and clinical pharmacy services allows for an optimal training and teaching environment that is unmatched by most programs.

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