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VA Beneficiary Travel Reimbursement Program

The Tennessee Valley VA Medical Center is changing our beneficiary travel reimbursement program from a cash process to an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) process (i.e., direct deposit into your bank account).

We are making this change to better serve our Veterans:

  • No Lines 
  • Physical Safety 
  • Security of Funds 
  • Allows More Resources for Patient Care 
  • Consistent with Practices Used by VBA and Social Security 
    • Reduces Fraud 
    • Eliminates Lost Checks 
    • Ensures Address is Current 
    • Reduces Duplicate Payments 

What you need to do?

Complete an electronic deposit form (SF 3881) and submit it as soon as possible, so we can deposit your reimbursement directly into your bank account. This form is available in all clinics, at the Cashier’s Office, and online at EFT Enrollment Form (SF 3881) PDF Document.

We have also gathered a list of answers for our most Frequently Asked Questions regarding the EFT process.

To return the electronic deposit form, please give it to the Travel Office the next time you are at the VA Medical Center, or you can mail it to: 

VA Medical Center
Fiscal Service (04)
3400 Lebanon Pk.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Who can you contact?

For all questions about this program, please contact Eddie Trevis (615-225-6578) or Chelsie Burks (615-225-3815) with the Travel Office.

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